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    CTMS offers the best rates of a wholesale lender combined with the high-touch service of a private banker. We'll make sure your mortgage matches your unique financial needs. As Certified Mortgage Broker in Pickering our job is to provide you with the best mortgage rate possible, in a professional and timely manner.

    Your Trusted Pickering Mortgage Broker

    CTMS's unique product range allows us to structure standard to complex solutions with competitive rates for our customers. As mortgage experts, we understand that one size does not fit all. While many companies focus on just rates, we focus on the best combination of rates and service. We aim to offer solutions for borrowers from all walks of life, whether you are a first-time homebuyer, experienced real estate investor, or financial advisor assisting a high-profile client.

    Why Choose Certified Mortgage Broker In Pickering?

    Fastest Response Time of all Mortgage Brokers in Pickering

    We pride ourselves on quick, easy & honest service. Our clients always come first.

    Success in Bad Credit Mortgages

    Credit fallen apart?We have an Alternative Lending team that specializes in mortgages for people with less than perfect credit.

    Fight to Get the Best Mortgage Rates for You

    One key advantage to working with a mortgage broker in Pickering is that we do all the hard work and rate shopping for you. At CTMS we work with all sorts of different lenders, each one specializing in different areas.

    Experts in Mortgage Refinancing

    A mortgage refinance is a new mortgage that is taken out to replace a current mortgage. The new loan and terms will improve your finances. The refinanced mortgage can pay off the first loan while making finances easier with lower payments.Our mortgage broker in Pickering will help you understand if mortgage refinancing is suitable for you and help in finding the best mortgage refinance provider.


    Our Pickering Mortgage Brokers Offer The Following Services

    First-time Buyers

    Feel the joy of saving money with your great rate and better mortgage — the first time out. Here's how we make it simple.Take advantage of our deep mortgage experience. And lower rates, of course.More than great rates, the type of mortgage you get really matters.Our insightful team focuses on the clients’ needs and can even get you pre-approval to ease the process further.Talk to us — we make it easy.

    Mortgage Renewals

    Is your mortgage up for renewal?When you get to that point, you will have the opportunity to take another look at your mortgage and the different factors that impact it, such as your choice of lender, payment frequency, the length of your new term, and your interest rate. Whether your mortgage is with us or another financial institution, now is the perfect time to speak to one of our mortgage specialists.By dealing directly with our Pickering private mortgage consultant, you receive flexible and open terms.

    Debt Consolidation

    Most people face debt challenges at one point in their life or another. When such a challenge occurs, it is a good idea to obtain professional help rather than suffer in silence and be stressed out. If you are ready to get out of debt, your local mortgage broker in Pickeringare here to help.We will go over your financial situation with you and find a personalized debt relief solution tailored to your situation.

    Home Equity Loan

    Pay off your debt, reduce your monthly payment by up to 50%, and rebuild your credit.With a home equity loan, you convert the equity on your home into cash, the home serves as collateral.At CTMS, our Home Equity Loan consultants work with people in a variety of different income and credit situations to help them get the mortgage solutions they need.

    Private Mortgage

    Private Mortgage Lending or Financing refers to a mortgage contract in which the lender is not a financial institution, but rather an individual or a business.At CTMS we offer a private mortgage to everyone regardless of their situation and at a lower rate.We also have VIP status with B Lenders who can get you approved even if you have been declined by your own bank.

    Second Mortgage

    A second mortgage is a type of subordinate mortgage made while an original mortgage is still in effect. In the event of default, the original mortgage would receive all proceeds from the property's liquidation until it is all paid off.At CTMS, it is our guiding vision to provide our clients with the best roster of mortgage lenders in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We provide cost effective ways for individuals to access funds with the lowest mortgage interest rates in the market.


    • Thank you Steve Bryan and Felicia Ashman @ CT Mortgage Solutions. You made our impossible, possible, you refinanced our 2 properties same both January, 2022 hassle free. My husband and I are so impressed with your professionalism. Felicia, you’re a sweet soul. Steve, you get the job done! If Steve says it will be done, it will be done. We have so much confidence that we’ve been recommending you to all.

      — Ijeoma & Sunny ( Whitby )
    • Kavette and Steve did an absolutely amazing job getting me approved on a tricky and tough mortgage situation. I can’t say enough to thank both of you. You definitely have a customer for life now. God bless.

      — Rachid M (Ottawa)
    • Steve and Felicia are an amazing Team. I recently had to redo my mortgage. This is my second time working with them. They were efficient, quick, easy to work with, extremely professional, and were readily available anytime I called or e-mailed. I would highly recommend working with them. I’ve already shared their info with friends just in case they were ready to renew. I cannot say enough good things about them. I look forward to working with them in the future.

      — Drea Downs (Scarborough)
    • My wife and I were in great hands with Felicia and Steve. They were always available when we needed them and made us feel very comfortable and well taken care of. Felicia and Steve turned what could be a challenging time into a worry free experience. We would whole-heartedly recommend CTMS.

      — M Regan (Toronto)
    • Thank you CMTS Steve and Felicia, Very professional and efficient, if you are looking to refinance your mortgage, you can be confident that they will get the job done.

      — Rowan G. (Ajax)
    • This company is a great company, they are very transparent and honest. I was unable to use a AA bank at the time of closing my mortgage, and this brokerage company found me a credible lender willing and ready to go. The interest rate was high, however that was communicated to me. I was happy to be able to close, and deal with transferring over my account to a AA bank, once I was able to clear up my credit to qualify to a much less interest rate. This office was very professional, very quick to get a hold of, and made sure, exactly what you asked for got done! For me this company gets a 5 start for honesty, efficiency, punctuality.

      — Teena R. (Whitby)
    • Steve Bryan and his team are AMAZING! Steve has been my mortgage broker for well over a decade and he has done a great job at getting me the best rates. Buying a home could be a stressful process but with his guidance and experience, I felt comfortable and prepared every time I purchased a property. He is honest, knowledgeable, diligent, thorough and professional. I trust him with all of my mortgage financing needs and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a mortgage. Thank you Canadian Tailored Mortgage Solutions for all your hard work and care!

      — Ruth (Pickering)
    • Steve and Felicia are very easy to work with. They are so detailed on their submission notes, always get the answers we need to fully understand each deals. They are reasonable and we do respect each other a lot. Great partners and I do recommend their services. I do enjoy working with this team.

      — P. Lam (Markham)
    • Steve and his team at Canadian Tailored Mortgage Solutions provided great advice and worked tirelessly to help refinance and close our rental property. It presented a few challenges, but Steve did a great job in getting it done. Their process was seamless and the level of service was above and beyond our expectations. With their assistance we were able to deal effectively with any issues that came up. Steve got us a great rate as well as arranged a swift appraisal of the property. If you want great service and a good finance rate I fully recommend Canadian Tailored Mortgage Solutions!

      — Michelle B. (Toronto)
    • I have worked with Steve and Felicia for a few years now, and I have zero complaints. They are both easy to communicate with, and prompt with their responses. They are very honest, and always have your best interest at heart. I would recommend them to anybody looking for mortgage assistance.

      — A. Reid (Toronto)
    • I have worked with Steve and Felicia for many years. They have help me with my mortgage, refinancing and emergency lending with true professional dedication and great customer service. They made me feel I was important to them. Thank you so much! I will definitely always recommend them for financial needs!

      — Kathleen F (Toronto)
    • “This is the second time my daughter and I are working with Steve Bryan regarding our Mortgage needs, and from that initial meeting back in 2015, Steve has been the consummate professional. Whatever questions we had, without delay Steve would respond. Any concerns or issues, Steve handled effectively. Steve’s expertise, astuteness and ingenuity were key, in helping us navigate through our Mortgage process.

      Steve’s Mortgage Agent and Assistant Felicia Ashman was outstanding as well. Felicia’s efficiency, knowledge and promptness, helped immensely in accelerating our Mortgage transaction.

      My daughter and I are extremely pleased with the service and attention we received from Steve, and we highly recommend him. Great job!!”

      — Judy and Michelle (Scarborough)
    • Thank you Steve Bryan and Felicia for working hard to get us a great mortgage and rate, we appreciate all your efforts in this entire process and would recommend you to any family or friends.

      — Tracey
    • It was a pleasure working with you and Steve as well. Your professionalism was truly outstanding.

      The closing went well; this was because of you and Steve working efficiently with precisely to everything done.

      I am grateful and appreciate all the help you both have given me. I will definitely be back in a year to remortgage my home again with Steve.

      I will definitely refer Steve to my family and friends for their mortgage needs.

      — Janet (Bowmanville)
    • We are extremely thankful to Steve Bryan for the excellent service he has delivered to us over the last 14 years. We are repeat customers and are in the process of purchasing our 3rd home. Steve is always willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to accommodate our many requests and to answer any questions that we have. He usually makes sure not only that we get the best mortgage interest rate but, also that the terms of the mortgage contract are favorable. Steve is usually very dependable when it comes to returning calls promptly. He is good natured and trustworthy which gives us a sense of comfort knowing that he has our best interest at heart. He regularly responds swiftly to our calls or emails and he is always very polite and professional. He makes us feel like valued customers.

      We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him to our friends, family or anyone who may require his services. Thanks Steve for the many years of dedicated service to us.

      — Deon and Monty (Oshawa)
    • It has been a pleasure to work with Steve Bryan and his team. They are not only professional but current, approachable and dedicated to making sure you obtain a successful result. I would highly recommend Steve Bryan and his team; I will continue to be a client of his for life!

      — Keisha (Clarington)
    • Referring u to friends/family is easy. I am picky and you addressed all my questions/concerns in a timely and professional manner. You were also extremely knowledgeable and provided me with some key information that assisted me in getting a property that meets all my needs by telling me about the home improvement loan from the bank.

      — Sophia (Markham)
    • I have known Steve Bryan for the past three years …

      At our meeting I told him I was looking for a second mortgage on my home, he explained the steps involved in the process with great clarity he was very articulate, professional and effective. Steve was able to secure the mortgage with B2B bank at a reasonable interest rate and to my satisfaction.

      What I appreciated most was Steve’s dedication, commitment and driving results, I will recommend him to anyone in the future.

      — Judith D (Brampton)
    • If you’re looking for someone that will work for you and have your best interests at heart your search stops here. Steve fights for his clients to the end and never gives up on a deal until he gets it done. Thank you Steve.

      — Shelley D (Ajax)
    • We were recommend to Steve by a family friend and he was very professional and took the time out to lets us understand the pros and cons for what we wanted to do. When we decided what we wanted to do he gave us the best option. He’s patient and he makes sure you have all required documents before proceeding. I would recommend him to everyone.

      — Damian H (Ajax)

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