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Why Should I Use a Mortgage Broker?

Although there are quite arguably, many stressful events that a person will face in their lives, buying a house shouldn’t be one of them. It can be a long process with an equally long list of things to do and although you may be able to take care of all these procedures on your own, it is much easier and quicker to get the help of an experienced mortgage broker and that’s where we come in.

Expert in Closing Hard to Place Deals

Our customers are like our family and we make sure to treat them as such.  By choosing to work with us, you will have access to top notch financing that will allow you to choose between some of the best homes in some of the most beautiful, safe and comfortable communities in and around town. With us, not only will you get excellent service, but also will get access to some of the best deals you can find. We have great relationships with many banks and private lenders, which allow us to get the right Mortgage for you.

Shop the Market to Save You Time and Money

We  have access to many different banks, credit unions, trust companies and private lenders. The best part is that by working with us you won’t have to do any work, we shop your deal to find the best mortgage possible for your current and future needs. We always let you know what we will need upfront to get the deal done, so there are very minimal, if any surprises along the way.

I’m Available to Work Around Your Schedule – Days, Evenings & Weekends

We understand that with your busy schedule it may be hard for you to carve out time, for an appointment with us, that’s way we always try out best to work with your schedule and find a time that’s the most convenient for you. We also make the process to get started as simple as possible with our easy to fill out online application.

Ongoing Consultation

We go the extra mile and provide you with our consultation services even after the deal closes. We know that clients may still have some unanswered questions or concerns that arise after closing, so we’re always happy to help. We make sure that all of your requirements are met, and all of your questions and concerns are addressed.


  • Referring u to friends/family is easy. I am picky and you addressed all my questions/concerns in a timely and professional manner. You were also extremely knowledgeable and provided me with some key information that assisted me in getting a property that meets all my needs by telling me about the home improvement loan from the bank.

    — Sophia
  • I have known Steve Bryan for the past three years …

    At our meeting I told him I was looking for a second mortgage on my home, he explained the steps involved in the process with great clarity he was very articulate, professional and effective. Steve was able to secure the mortgage with B2B bank at a reasonable interest rate and to my satisfaction.

    What I appreciated most was Steve’s dedication, commitment and driving results, I will recommend him to anyone in the future.

    — Judith D.
  • If you’re looking for someone that will work for you and have your best interests at heart your search stops here. Steve fights for his clients to the end and never gives up on a deal until he gets it done. Thank you Steve.

    — Shelley D
  • We were recommend to Steve by a family friend and he was very professional and took the time out to lets us understand the pros and cons for what we wanted to do. When we decided what we wanted to do he gave us the best option. He’s patient and he makes sure you have all required documents before proceeding. I would recommend him to everyone.

    — Damian H
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